Situated between Venice and Trieste, Caorle and its 15 kilometres of fine sand, offers both striking beauty and a wide range of accommodation to satisfy every need. The old town of Caorle with its quaint fishing village, has remained unchanged over the ages. The Byzantine Romanesque cathedral and its monumental cylindrical bell tower is the symbol of an enduring ancient tradition.

foto_caorleCaorle’s origins go back to the Roman era, as the numerous archaeological findings in town and in the surroundings testify. The town gained importance for the vicinity to Roman centre of Concordia, of which it became the closest sea port, connected by the river Lemene. Later, Caorle grew in size as a consequence of the Barbarian Invasions– as it also occurred in Rialto (Venice) a few decades later. This forced Concordia’s people to flee and seek refuge along the shore, in areas protected by the sea and the swamps. Since then, the link between Caorle and the other coastal towns, in particular Venice, is binding and Caorle in fact shares the historical vicissitudes of the Serenissima, though, for centuries, Caorle’s economy has been based primarily on fishing.


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